France, known by its high quality of life, is also one of the founding countries of the European Union and a member of the Schengen Agreement. While the usual language of instruction in the majority of offered courses is French, France has become one of the most popular educational destinations in the world for international students from Europe and other regions in the world interested in study abroad programs. In fact, almost 250000 international students chose to study in France in 2009. That’s near 12% of all the student body in France.

France has always been a favorite destination for thinkers, scientists, artists, writers from all over the world and many have made it their home. The rich cultural diversity and heritage reflected in everyday life, the high quality of education as also the French state’s commitment towards welcoming international students make it an attractive destination for higher education. So whether it is science and engineering, law, economics, political science, journalism, architecture, design, fine arts or management studies… there is a rich variety of programmes to choose from. A large number of courses are taught in English with complementary language learning courses as part of the curriculum. Foreign language skills are a distinct asset in the new global order and a study sojourn in France is an excellent way to acquire it.


As one of the UK’s nearest neighbours, France is an obvious choice for study abroad, with easy travel on Eurostar via Paris to many parts of the country.

  • France’s 83 public universities are funded by the national government, which closely regulates the national diplomas granted by the universities. This system allows the universities to offer students an excellent education at an affordable price.
  • French universities are of high quality, with two Parisian institutions ranked in the Top 100 of the 2014–15 QS World University Rankings: École Normale Supérieure (24th) and École Polytechnique (35th).
  • Some 33 undergraduate programmes are entirely English-taught and a total of more than 450 at either undergraduate or masters level.

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