Singapore is ranked as Asia’s safest and cleanest Country. The crime rate is negligible. The illicit use of Drugs is illegal and negligible. . The country has been ranked as one of the most transparent country in the world and Asia. Weather is always pleasant, and the temperature varies from 20-30 Degree Centigrade.The Fee structure as compared to Canada/New Zealand/Australia & European Countries is more affordable. Living Expenses are low for students.Singapore has scored 11th rank globally on the Human Development Index (UN), Education, Healthcare, Life Expectancy, Quality of Life, Personal Safety, and Housing. Bagging the 4th rank in the world and 1st in Asia, Singapore has the least corruption.Being the world leader in foreign trade and investment, 90% of citizens own their homes, and the country has one of the highest per capita incomes, with low taxes.Having a distinctive record of high standards in teaching and learning, Singapore currently attracts over 60,000 international students from around the world. The presence of such an international mix of students provides a rich exchange of culture while maintaining a high quality and rigorous education system

Steps to follow

The students submit their original documents after confirmation. We take minimum 1 day to maximum 1 week for offer letter.

  • Details of Family members and their Income proofs (if any)
  • Bank Statements/savings/F.D’s of worth total 7-9 Lakhs
  • Proofs of Employment history (if any educational gaps)

​The team of Get Global Immigration Consultants will assist you if any support required regarding the above mentioned documents checklist.

A student needs to pay Course Fees in Singapore College Bank Account only after getting Visa approved successfully or these fees can be transferred through Get Global as well after adding the Banking Charges. A student should pay within 3 days of time frame after the Visa Approval.

We’ll book your tickets to Singapore wishing you good luck for your future.

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